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How to Make Dried Fruit

  • person Shubham Shuhane
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How to Make Dried Fruit

Dried fruit is made by taking the water out of the fruit by sun drying or using a particular machine called a dehydrator. Since the water is removed during drying, this also means  that the natural sugars in the fruit are concentrated. You can add some sweetness to  your day by enjoying dried fruits.

The dried fruit will still be considered as raw. As long as the fruits are still hanging on  the tree, they are protected. This means maximum nutrient content and minimal impact  from the outside - the result is a gentle drying process and a product in perfect raw food  quality.

Dried fruit is a good source of nutrients and is filled with vitamins and minerals. It is also  rich in natural sugar. You can dry a wide variety of fruits, including grapes (sultanas,  currants and raisins), apples (sliced), apricots, pears, peaches, figs, dates, plums  (prunes) and bananas. Dried fruit is a great way to keep summer's harvest feeding you  through the winter season and it won't take long for you to learn the art of drying fruit.

We believe strongly in the value of Afghanistan-dried fruits, an edible fruits been eating  all over the worlds and take full responsibility for your satisfaction. 

Afghanistan boasts a vast array of high-quality, organic, and highly sought-after dried  fruits. The selection of Afghan dried fruits includes fruits such as raisins, apricots, figs,  cherries, prunes, dates, and mulberries. In the country, the process of drying fruits is a  family business that has been passed down from one generation to another for many  years. People typically dry their fruit in an entirely natural way either in the sun or, as it  is the case with certain varieties of grapes, in unique raisin rooms.

Considered a key producer and supplier of various dried fruits in the world, Afghanistan  exports its dry fruit produce to numerous countries around the world. Some of its most  renowned dried fruit products include yellow figs, dried apricots such as the Shaker para and organic varieties, and Shundor-khani raisins.

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